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Goods, both dry and wet—we have ’em. Our merchants practice what big American businesses used to know but have forgotten: It’s all about the customer. Our business people keep a careful eye on inventory, on what and when customers want, whatever it is that they want, and then they work to anticipate and meet not only the reasonable but also quite often the unreasonable needs of our citizens who though good and decent do, nevertheless, have a “want muscle.” The Italians say, “Il mundo paese,” which, roughly, translates, the whole world is the same, people are people. We wants what we wants, and a surprising lot of it can be bought right here in town. We love our businesses; they carry us; they keep us shod, fed, and pretty doggone happy. Meet them. Buy from them. Grow.

Carroll Street Designs

DownHome Emporium

Forrester's Dodge City

Mills Hardware, Feed & Lumber 

Nebraska Farmhouse Antiques  

Reed's Food Center

Round Two

Sublime Boutique


Natural Beauty




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