As technology continues to evolve with satellite communications, it now follows you everywhere. Our community is no exception. Your SIRIUS XM Radio works here the same as anywhere else. Same goes for DIRECTV, Dish, and all the rest. You're only cut off from the rest of the world if you wish to be. But for those who are tech-savvy and can't live without their laptop or Blackberry, have no fear—Arnold has technology not commonly found in many rural communities.

Arnold receives many of our technology services from Great Plains Communications. Based in Blair, Nebraska, Great Plains Communications is a strong supporter of rural communities in Nebraska. They provide us with local and nationwide long-distance telephone service with a crystal-clear connection over a state-of-the-art fiber-optic-based network. They provide our digital cable television with optional high definition service and high-speed, dial-up, and satellite Internet access services. And if you're concerned about technology for your business, Great Plains Communications is a full-service certified business systems dealer offering digital key systems, PBX, voice mail, paging, and high-speed data installation and service to businesses of all sizes. They have web design and web hosting services and provide consulting services for small businesses.

And that's not all. There's two new cell towers on the edge of town, providing businesses and residents the opportunity to always be in touch in an instant.

Even the farming community uses GPS technology every day in their tractors and crop-spraying equipment.

In Arnold, you're only without technology if you choose to be.



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