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Every town, village, and hamlet has various sorts of people—wish bones, lazy bones, aching bones, and back bones. Sue Beshaler is a back bone. You know, she stands up. She gets things done. Rialto_Lobby_1940.jpgShe organizes the other bones, and when she is done, there is something where before there was nothing. The something in our case is an attractive theater where there used to be a dirty, crumbling eyesore.

The Arnold Theatre was first started in 1924. Sadly, in 1979 it was closed down for 18 long years. In 1997, Sue organized a group of community volunteers who took it upon themselves to start the current restoration project that is still actively going on today. To look at the "before and after" pictures of the inside of the building would blow your mind. The Rialto is a living testament to what a lot of love and hard work can do to a place...transform. 

Rialto_Lobby_1997.jpgToday we have seats for 80 people, lighting, a new bathroom that will pass your grandmother’s highest standards, and an active board of volunteers who continue work on the building while developing plans and support for the theatre. A recent anonymous donor has purchased an HD projector, a top-of-the-line retractable screen, and a Dolby Surround Sound system. The purchase of the new projector will allow the theatre to show the latest movies, advertise in crystal-clear picture, and view community slide shows and football games. 

The Rialto Theatre is a Rialto_Lobby_2010.jpg501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated to help us reach our goal. You may reach us at Arnold Community Theatre/Rialto, PO Box 222, Arnold, NE 69120.

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