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The recycling trailers are located south of the library on Washington Street. We accept newspapers, magazines, phone books, tin cans, glass, and plastic. 
Recycling Rules:

  • No lids on plastic
  • All plastics and tin must be rinsed clean
  • The only plastics accepted must be bottles or jugs with a neck smaller than the base—no cottage cheese, yogurt, margarine tubs, or ice cream buckets
  • We accept only two types of plastic (look for the number on the bottom of the container): #1 plastic (examples are pop and water bottles) and #2 plastic, colored and natural (examples are milk jugs, vinegar jugs, bleach, and colored detergent bottles)
  • Absolutely no oil or antifreeze jugs
  • No strings, rubber bands, grocery bags, or plastic sacks in magazines or newspapers
  • Cardboard can be taken to the dumpster by the recycling trailer
  • All cardboard must be corrugated—absolutely no pasteboard, cereal boxes, pop and beer cases, or waxed cardboard
  • Please flatten cardboard

For questions or further information regarding recycling in Arnold, contact the village office at (308) 848-2228.


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