Arnold is a well-kept secret for those interested in hunting the awesome Sandhills region of central  Nebraska. Wild game including deer (both mule deer and white-tail deer) and wild turkey are abundant. Pheasant, quail, and grouse (both prairie chicken and sharp-tails) are Hunting_2.JPGavailable for the upland bird hunter as are dove, duck, and geese for the migratory bird and waterfowl hunter.

The geography surrounding Arnold features rolling farm lands intermingled with deep canyons and plateaus combined with the unique beauty of the Sandhills themselves. The South Loup River runs through the area adding much to our habitat diversity.

Arnold is a small town offering all the basic needs and amenities for a hunter on the road  including a new motel, full-service gas station, hardware store, grocery store, bank/ATM, car/truck wash, convenience store, cafe, ammunition in the hardware store, and two bars serving your favorite food and beverages. Consider bringing your significant other and the kids for a really great adventure! Arnold also has a Turkeys_in_flight.JPG picturesque state park located on the south edge of town with a small lake. It has campsites with water and electric hookups if you want to bring your RV.

Ours is a farming and ranching community. The people here are hard-working, friendly, and helpful folk epitomizing traditional American values. There are some 500 acres of public/walk-in hunting open to hunters in Custer County. More hunting opportunities will be on privately owned land. Landowners here are generally receptive to hunters who request permission to hunt and who are respectful of them, their land, and the game they pursue. There is also some hunting available on privately owned or leased land for a fee. If you are interested in a paid hunt, visit AddyCon Outfitters, Keane-Shawn_Fall_Hunt.JPGHidden Valley Outfitters, or e-mail Joe Bob Atkins for more information. For general information on hunting in Nebraska including regulations, licenses, fees and permits, or to purchase permits online, you are encouraged to visit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission at: Hunting regulations, licenses/permits, and ammunition are also available at Mills Hardware. 

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