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Do I need to get a license tag for my dog?

Do I need to get a building permit?
Generally, anyone changing the dimensions of a current permanent structure or erecting a new permanent structure will need to obtain a building permit. An application for a building permit can be obtained at the Village office at 209 West 1st Avenue or under the Government Forms section of this web site.

How do I get a Handicap Parking Permit?
An application can be obtained at the Village office or under the Government Forms section of this web site.

Where can I dispose of yard waste?
Yard waste can be taken to the south edge of Old Mill Park, which is located on South Broadway Street.

Where do I take recyclables?
The recycling trailer is located south of the library on Washington Street. We accept glass, newspapers, magazines, phone books, tin cans, and plastic.

Where do I take mattresses, appliances, tires, furniture, TVs, etc.?
Contact the Village office at (308) 848-2228 to make arrangements to take the items to the roll-out container. The roll-out container is located one mile north of Arnold.

Where do I take construction rubble?
Arnold has a construction demolition site that is located one mile north of Arnold. You must call the Village office at (308) 848-2228 to make arrangements to go to the construction demolition site. Your load must be weighed at the All Points fertilizer plant which is located on East 2nd Ave. The  fee for construction demolition is $36 per ton.

Who do I call to mark where utilities are buried on my property?
Before digging anywhere on your property, it is required that you call Digger’s Hotline at (800) 331-5666 or 811. It typically takes 48 hours for the utility companies to come out and locate the utilities, so PLEASE WAIT until this work has been completed before you dig. The staff at Digger’s Hotline will tell you exactly when the locate work will be completed and when it will be okay to dig.


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