Our people rise; then the sun comes up; then we do some things, and we have news. Since our people are an industrious and generous lot, the news is usually good, and we are lucky indeed to have a newspaper that is interested enough in our deeds to record and publish them. Many towns our size don’t have a paper, and theirs is a great loss. The editor of our Sentinel circulates one paper for every citizen, many of them going to people whose road took them away from us but who are sad enough about it to stay connected through the weekly newspaper. A kid in Arnold, Nebraska, has a ten thousand percent better chance of having her picture in the newspaper than does any in Los Angeles. We put the clippings on our refrigerators and in our scrapbooks, and our kids have that much better chance of thinking of themselves in the best light. Neat, huh?

I grew up in Lincoln, NE, but spent many days during the summer, and other times of the year, in Arnold. The people of Arnold genuinely took interest in this city boy. Read more...


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