We don’t go much for bureaucracy, so if you have a problem with government or school services, you don’t need to make an appointment for sometime next month to talk with the mayor or superintendent. When you are small like we are, you feel differently about the people you serve. There’s a connection, a natural affinity, an accountability, an interdependence. And this feeling permeates our commercial life as well. Our merchants don’t allow the marketing experts in Los Angeles to manage their inventory. They are, instead, directly involved with choices about what goes on the shelves, and they carry everything we need for daily living while high-speed Internet service eliminates the need to travel for specialty items. But if you want to get to the big city for shopping, you can drive to Lincoln, Omaha, or Denver in almost the same time it takes to travel from one side to the other of Washington, D.C., during business hours.

quotes.png  Thirty years ago on the 4th of July, I was one of a pair of 18 year old young men who passed through Arnold on our bicycles. We stopped for a rest break in your town, finding an appealing cafe..." Read more...

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