I was first introduced to Arnold in the fall of 1984, thanks to a dear friend whom I had met in Panama during my last year of active service in the US Army. John Rhodes was 20 years my senior at the time; he had retired from active military service years before and was now ending a full career as Federal Civil Service Employee. John and I became good friends, in part because of our mutual love of the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. John had long before discovered Arnold and had a part-time residence established in the community. He and Mary Tucker (his special other) would spend their six weeks of home leave from Panama each fall during the hunting season. In 1984, I retired from active military service and John retired from Federal Civil Service in Panama. He and Mary retired to Arnold; I retired to Pensacola, Florida. I made my first trip to Arnold in the fall of 1984 from Florida to hunt upland birds with John and have returned each year since.

John passed away in 2001 and I acquired a small residential property in Arnold that he and Mary had owned. My wife and I are now fully retired and we spend about five months of every year in Arnold; the remainder of the year is spent at our permanent legal residence in northwest Arkansas where we are close to our children and grandchildren. We are in Arnold in April and May to hunt wild turkey; back in September through December for dove, duck, pheasant, quail, and grouse.

Arnold is a small farming and ranching community located in the Sand Hills region of central Nebraska. We love the town and its down-to-earth, hard-working people. Over the years, we have made many good friends and feel very much a part of the community. We appreciate the small-town atmosphere with its traditional American values. The town meets all of our basic needs but we are in reasonable commuting distance of North Platte, Kearney, or Broken Bow should we have special needs or just want a change. The area itself is beautiful and unique with rolling farmland to the south intermingled with deep canyons; the Sand Hills to the north are spectacular in their own right and offer a unique landscape with wide-open cattle ranches and an abundance of wildlife.

Arnold is an integral part of our lives now and will continue to be so long as the good Lord will allow. Come and discover Arnold for yourself!"

William E. “Buzz” Lohmiller


quotes-larger.png I am involved in open road racing and travel to many areas of the country for my events. August each year brings us back to Arnold, NE, and one of the "Friendliest Places on Earth!"

The people in that surrounding community are always so giving and helpful in every aspect of our time there. It has to be part of their core values to be so genuine! I've heard them exclaim that they don't understand why all of us come so far to visit their small part of the world! My explanation is not easy to express. Our group of several hundred come to Arnold just because of those small-town values. Most of us come from big cities and from all across this country! It is such a breath of fresh air for us to visit Arnold and the surrounding area!

We don't see the same hard-working values from where we come from! Yet in Arnold, it just seems like a way of life!

We travel to many cities in our lives...but the welcome mat in Arnold is the biggest I've ever seen!

David Carpenter, Pres.
D. Carpenter Holdings, Inc.
Carpenter-Sells LLC
Parker, CO



I was a transient construction welder. I went where I could find employment. I worked in 5 foreign countries and 38 states. I went through Arnold many times. I was impressed with the laid back atmosphere here. The people were and still are friendly and helpful. I feel relaxed and safe here. We have an excellent school system and dedicated school officials. Housing is available at reasonable costs either sale or rent. We have plenty of services for all necessities.

James E. Holman
Arnold Resident and Retired Business Owner
Arnold, Nebraska



I grew up in Lincoln, NE, but spent many days during the summer, and other times of the year, in Arnold.  The people of Arnold genuinely took interest in this city boy.  My Grandma and Grandpa Halstead were laid to rest in the Arnold Cemetery, and when I visit their graves, I look forward to the day that I, too, will be buried in Arnold.  Although I did not grow up in Arnold, the people of Arnold have always been a part of my extended family.  In particular, Dale and Donna Fletcher have made me feel like a son and have welcomed my son into their home and their lives.

Of the most importance is that my spiritual life was influenced by Arnold First Baptist Church.  God blessed me with a church home to attend while in Arnold and this church home provided me with opportunities to learn the truth of God's word and how to apply it to my life.

Thank you Arnold, and may God bless you.

Jason Howe



Thirty years ago on the 4th of July, I was one of a pair of 18 year old young men who passed through Arnold on our bicycles.  We stopped for a rest break in your town, finding an appealing cafe (could it have been the Cardinal Inn?) there.  We ordered delicious cinnamon rolls and orange juice, a sat at a window table writing postcards while we ate.  When we got up to pay at the counter, the person said "There'll be no charge."  They would not take money from us.  We were stunned by this generosity.  I'll never forget it.  Thank you, Arnold Nebraska!

Mark Johnson


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