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Arnold, Nebraska, is nothing if not beautiful. Though small and off the beaten track, it rewards visitorSandhills_beauty_web.JPGs with to-the-horizon views of dramatic landscapes and fantastic light effects. Visitors say, “I never dreamed Nebraska was this beautiful,” “Why have I never heard of this before,” or “This is more like Colorado than Colorado.” Newcomers can’t stop pinching themselves over “all this beauty at a fraction of the prices found on either of the coasts or in neighboring Colorado.” One day, we both hope and fear, we’ll be discovered. Meanwhile, we do our best to appreciate what we’ve got. Anywhere we look, everywhere we turn, a postcard quality picture greets our eyes. And it doesn’t cost a dime.  

Situated on the Great Plains, Arnold enjoys four landscapes—the South Loup River bottom, the clay and sand tablelands to the south and west, the loess canyons to the north and east, and the famed Nebraska Sandhills coming just to the north edge of town. We couldn’t think of another town so richly blessed, so aftRoad_beauty_web.JPGer a season of deliberation, we decided to tell the truth—ours is a unique place.

The GPS’s in the tractor cabs make for laser straight corn rows, and our mostly black cows fairly glisten on the hillsides. We take agriculture seriously, but not so seriously as to ignore the wildlife. Custer County teems with critters. When driving the roads, we spend more time looking out for the mule and white-tailed deer and turkeys than for cars or trucks. Now and again we spot a bald eagle. The diminished pheasant population is in recovery, but prairie chickens, grouse, coyotes, wild cats, porcupines, hawks, owls, badgers, and raccoons big as a pig all make their home on the plains. The state recreation area less than a mile out of town has plenty of fish, and the pristine sandhill lakes rarely suffer from overfishing. 

Whether it’s the river making lazy sand-banked loops through the pastures, the 300-foot drop at a loess canyon edge, or the super-bright stars in our unpolluted nighttime skies, have a look and you’ll understand why we the fortunate few on the plains of ArnoldTrees_beauty_web.JPG think we are rich as cream just for waking up in the morning. All this beauty becomes a part of us. Our people take on the color and habits of our landscapes. You just can’t live in a glorious place without some portion of that soaking in. Our natural inheritance goes some way toward making our farms tidier, our fences sturdier, and our hearts gentler than they would be did we live in another place.

Come see for yourself. Bring a camera and a pair of binoculars.

quotes.png  I was a transient construction welder. I went where I could find employment. I worked in 5 foreign countries and 38 states. I went through Arnold many times. I was impressed with the laid back atmosphere here, the people were and still are friendly and helpful. I feel..." Read more...


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